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About us

Residential Block Management Services Limited has grown steadily each year since its formation with many contractual arrangements for the management of blocks of residential apartments and estates of various sizes within the London area, both North and South of the river. We operate from a fully staffed office in Blackheath Village. Residential Block Management Services activities cover every aspect of residential block management, which is overseen by Nick St Clair and Ken Moore.


Our management functions conform to those as set out under the terms of Section 87 of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act of 1993 as approved by the Secretaries of State for England and Wales. This Code applies to properties where a service charge, which varies according to the expenditure is payable, and the Landlord is not a public sector authority or a registered housing association.


Our basic functions include:


  • Setting of the budgets in consultation and monitoring of the expenditure throughout the year. Settling supplier's invoices. We are prepared at any time to provide a 'snapshot' regarding income and expenditure in general.
  • We would of course be responsible for collection of all service charges, ground rents (where applicable) and any liability & building insurance premiums, together with all other monies due, via invoices. Following up with statements, administering the individual Lessee's balances, providing further statements and correspondence as necessary to maintain all facets of budgetary management.
  • The monitoring and chasing of Leaseholder's arrears would be undertaken up to solicitor level and then, only after consultation, applying to the Courts for recovery, if that action were necessary. We also subscribe to a debt-collecting agency and would use them as or if necessary, with no costs to the communal fund.
  • Keeping of the individual records & accounts per apartment, as well as the income & expenditure accounts relating to the development for production regarding the preperation of the accounts certification. All clients' accounts are balanced monthly, with their own statement, as well as being fully reconciled at least each quarter. Our banking system allows the communal account to benefit from interest on all cleared balances.
  • Full co-operation is given to Owners, Residents, Agents, and their Solicitors etc. at the time of a unit's change of ownership. Please note that a reasonable administration charge is made to the vendor's solicitor, which is common practice. No costs are borne by the management accounts.
  • Naturally, we undertake the related administration regarding all Notices, Deeds & Covenants with regards to the incoming Lessees or co-operate with your appointed solicitor as relevant.
  • Liaising with all service companies, contractors and public utilities with regards to both scheduled and unscheduled works and all other works as carried out by contractors as and when required.
  • We make visits to developments on a regular basis or as required throughout the year ensuring overall satisfaction from contractors for the benefits of the residents.
  • As and when the Building Insurance is due for renewal we automatically obtain an alternative quotation to ensure the renewal demand is competitive and in line with market requirements, depending on your claims history. All quotations are obtained from an FCA registered Broker
  • Arranging when and where necessary in accordance with the Lease, quotations for both scheduled and unscheduled building works/repairs.
  • We would become involved with major works, as required under the terms of the Leases, as applicable to the development or in accordance with a Section 20Z Consultation Procedure.
  • We also ensure that all regulatory inspections are carried out as required.


Residential Block Management Services is very much a 'hands on' company and we do understand the needs and requirements of residential developments in general. Our only area of activity is that of the management of the communal areas of residential apartment blocks and estates.


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